The Digital Transformation of Logistics: Demystifying Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Digital Transformation of Logistics: Demystifying Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mac Sullivan

Edição: John Wiley & Sons , 2021
ISBN: 9781119646396
Tema: Business and Management



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ISBN: 9781119646396
Edição: John Wiley & Sons
Ano: 2021
Tipo de Capa: Brochada
Número de Páginas: 480


From the shoes on your feet to the device you are reading this on, goods are being transported around the world by an often invisible global logistics network. Over centuries, complex supply chains have grown to include today the farthest corners of the globe and have created an industry that accounts for 10% of the global GDP.

The digital transformation is holistically hanging business and operating models as technological advancements are poised to disrupt the current status quo. With ubiquitous information available, supply chains could become more reliable, agile, and effective, however, the profile of logistics has remained a backroom and often overlooked component of international business. With the rise of e-commerce amid the COVID-19epidemic, the news is full of hype and buzzwords regarding the intersection between digital transformation and supply chain. The industry needs a practical guide to help eschew in the dawn of a more sophisticated and higher profile logistics workforce.

Sullivan and Kern decided to work with industry experts and academics to demystify the cloud of hype and an abundance of information regarding the role of technology to address what are the realities in the Logistics industry. As the world is being shaken by the collision of supply chain re-balancing, changing consumer demands, and clashing powers of established players and new venture-backed entrants, it's easy to feel trapped when trekking into the unknown. This book aims to lay out the key technologies, platforms, vocabulary and skills necessary for a friction-less industry transition. With contributions from more than 30 industry leaders in both practice and academia, Sullivan and Kern are taking readers on a journey to see both what has happened to get us to this point, what is happening currently, and what to expect in the near future.

This book analyzes Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies in a logistics context, the topics range from artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT),Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), Digital Marketplaces to Change Management Strategies to deal with the onset of a new set of challenges. Real experiences in dealing with the effects of technology on jobs in the logistics industry translate into transferrable learning points.

The book gives its readers the fundamentals necessary to hold a conversation with their employers, customers, investors, and suppliers about how they can prepare for the disruptive forces shaping the industry.

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